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Warm-Ups™ feature a patented scent release technology that slowly and evenly releases the fragrance, without any mess!
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About us

AFFCO, the American Felt & Filter Company is a family owned textile company located in the scenic Hudson Valley just North of New York City and was founded in 1899. Since our inception, AFFCO has specialized in the design, development and manufacture of natural and synthetic technical textiles suitable for various end applications, like high temperature textiles(fire turn out gear), fluid transfer textiles (magic marker nibs), filtration textiles(home furnace filters), wool felt (piano hammer components), carbon fiber textiles, ballistic textiles for body armor and many other vast technical textile applications…AFFCO primarily has been in the commercial end of business until recently. Our staff now designs, tests and builds new innovations for common product design flaws. Our goal has been to take common items and enhance their characteristics through textile engineering. AFFCO has engineered a solution to the wax tart industry and has developed and Patented a new carrier system called Wax WarmUps.™ Wax WarmUps™ is a fibrous reservoir which holds wax/fragrance and when the Wax WarmUp™ is placed on a conventional heating system, it remains contained in the reservoir and releases fragrances more linear as opposed to the quick flash off of fragrance in a conventional tart system. More so, the safety factors of quick change over’s and the elimination of a hot spill able liquid pool make WarmUps™ the product of choice backed with over 100 years of textile innovation and American manufacturing.

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