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The Safest Flameless Candle Option

Warm-Ups™ feature a patented scent release technology that slowly and evenly releases the fragrance, without any mess!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Warm-Ups different from conventional wax melts?

A. Warm-Ups feature a unique delivery system designed to slowly release fragrance over time – without flashing off. Wax typically holds very low levels of fragrance (ex. 5–8% load).  The patented technology in Warm-Ups allows for a much higher fragrance load (15%), which increases the longevity of use, and overall fragrance release. Warm-Ups are designed to hold a special wax and fragrance blend safely inside, just like a sponge; eliminating the hot, dangerous, and messy liquid wax that is typical with traditional wax melts. This makes Warm-Ups safer for pets and children, and no chance of spilled wax damaging furniture, carpets, etc… Warm Ups can also be safely changed out and disposed of quickly.

Q. How long will Warm-Ups last?

A. Typically, a single Warm-Up will last three days, but may last longer when flipped over…Some are known to last up to 5 days at 24 hour usage.
Q. How hot will Warm-Ups get?

A. An independent lab study shows Warm-Ups heat to only 108 degrees Fahrenheit, while other traditional wax melts get to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How hot does the wax get when warmed?

A. The wax and fragrance formula will be warm enough to release the fragrance and just slightly above body temperature.  Warm-Ups will not burn and the wax will always remain safely contained in the unique fibrous reservoir.

Q. How easy is it to clean up after using a Warm-Up?

A. Simply pick up the Warm-Up when it is no longer producing a fragrance and dispose of. There is no solid wax mess to scrape out of the dish – and clean up is 1, 2, 3!

Q. Will Warm-Ups change shape when warmed?

A. Different than traditional wax melts that turn into a hot pool of liquid wax, Warm-Ups retain their shape and appearance. They will become squishy to the touch when warmed, but the patented technology in Warm-Ups will hold the wax blend inside.

Q. Where can I use Warm-Ups?

A. Warm-Ups are perfect for a total home experience, large/small commercial offices, recreational vehicles, hotels, spas, gyms, etc.

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